FO Friday – The Lossie Mitts


Project: Lossie Mitts by Sarah Wylie

Yarn: DMC Creative World Woolly

Colorway: 123

Color family: Gray
These are seriously cute fingerless mittens, and so easy and quick to knit. I knitted these in the smallest size, and originally felt that maybe that was slightly too small. I have tiny wrists for some reason, and these grip quite a bit at the wrist, but turns out, thats how I like them! I need to block these, as the ends have curled a little, and whilst they look fine like that, it does take a little from the length.
Learning how to do a 3-row welt was pretty easy, and makes for a pleasant effect on your knitting.
My only concern with these, is because they’re knitted small, I’m worried that taking them off will stretch them out over time, due to them being knitted sideways.
Also, I had to make the thumb holes smaller, because they were definitely too big for me, but that did help reinforce the cast-off-on points.
I’ve worn these every day since finishing them. They’re versatile enough that if I do need to use my whole hand, lets say, to hold onto a rail on the train or bus, then I can just slip them down my hand onto my wrist.

Well FO then!

It’s FO Friday! What do you mean it’s not Friday?

Well, I’m going to be crazy busy over the next two days, and I had a long weekend of finishing projects, so.. FOs incoming!

  1. Two x Classic Cuffed Hats
    Pattern by: Purl Soho
    Yarns used: Cascade Yarns Cascade 220® in Bright red, and Shire
    The Bright Red hat with pompom is for my Grandmother, for Christmas. This was cast on on the largest size in the pattern range. It fits well, if a little snugly, so for the Shire colour way, as it’s for my Grandfather, I went up a size, following directions in the comments section of the pattern website.
  2. Dainty Fingerless Mittens
    Pattern by: Knitty Galore
    Yarns used: Debbiebliss Cashmerino Aran, in Beige (300102) and Wine (300013)
    This is the first time I’ve knitted a ‘pair’ of ‘something’, and as such, succumbed to the dreaded problem of not getting round to finishing the second one. Until, I went to my mother-in-laws house. Firstly, she helped out by ripping back the thumb from the first one, as I’d accidentally put a stripe in on the contrasting colour, and I hated it.
    Secondly, I was given the opportunity to just sit, and knit. And it was lovely.
    I have however hit yet another snag.
    I’ve bound off the ends of the mittens in two very different ways. One normal, one stretchy. I decided to wear them anyway, to see which glove I preferred the feeling of. I assumed I’d prefer the stretchy bind off, due to being able to move my fingers around more freely, but actually, that lets more air into the mitten, and therefore my right hand is colder than my left. I’m hoping if I just sew a few rounds of yarn into the end, then that will tighten the bind-off, without having to rip the bind off out. Thoughts?
  3. Herald shawl
    Pattern by: Janina Kallio
    Yarn: Grey to Neon Pink by PookGB
    I really searched hard for the right pattern to compliment this yarn. Because just look at this yarn. It is gorgeous! The gradient transitions so smoothly, it is utterly faultless. It was also the perfect yarn (and pattern) for the Geeky Girls Knit Autumn KAL.

It’s WIP Wednesday!

So, I’m currently working on the Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho in Cascade 220 Shire.

I am so in love with this shade of green. It’s so multi-tonal, with the occasional fleck of yellow.
I’m also using new knitting needles. These are the KnitPro Karbonz. I’m totally sold on these, and have added the interchangeable to my wishlist. They handle much more smoothly than my previous KnitPros, and they look a lot more modern.


It’s FO Friday!

2 down, two more to go!

Out of the four knitted projects I’m working on for Christmas, this is the second to be finished.
This is the aforementioned Classic Cuffed Hat by PurlSoho.


Overall I’m really happy with how this came out. I was a bit concerned that I’d done something wrong once I’d finished it, as I didn’t realise how prominent those decreasing ridges are. But on reflection, they do show up on the photographs on the PurlSoho website too. That said, I think I will make a pompom for the top, partly to distract away from the ridges.

I’ve already cast on for the same hat in colourway Shire for my granddads hat.

Book Report: The Knitters Handbook

Now lets start this off, by saying, that there are a lot of ‘knitting handbooks’.

I’ve found that some cover just the basics, and some stretch a little bit further.
One challenge that they all face, is trying to convey hand movement, using static imagery. This is one area that I find a lot of books simply haven’t mastered, and the combination of directional narration, arrows, and a hand holding knitting needles graphic, leaves me with a lot of dropped stitches, or knots.

The thing is, we have youtube for this. We can watch someone physically show us how to knit, purl, SSK, Make1 etc. And of course that’s easier to understand. So I’m not going to judge a book on it’s diagrams.

The Knitters Handbook doesn’t try to fill it’s pages with diagrams. Sure, there are a few at the beginning, but the real treasure of this book is it’s variety. It takes you through the basics, then the more intermediate stuff, whilst interspersing the chapters with stitch patterns that utilise the knowledge it’s just bequeathed to the reader. The photographs of these watched pieces are particularly good.
It doesn’t inundate you with patterns for baby hats or gloves. It shows you the effect of the stitches it’s showing you, on swatches of knitting.

Overall, I think this is a great book for anyone, not just new to knitting, but looking to progress in knitting.
I dropped some stitches on a mitten recently, and the first thing I did was grab this book. With the help of it’s diagrams, I can say I successfully picked up my first epic dropped stitch.

Weirdly enough, I picked this book up for about £10 from my local WHSmiths. They’re selling second hand for £30 on Amazon! I guess I should have picked up more!

An ambivert knitter conundrum

Hello, I’m an ambivert! It’s nice to meet you, but please stop talking to me

I stood, halfway down the carriage of a busy Southern rail train, on my commute into work. Often, when I get this train, I am able to get a seat, which gives me a nice 30 minutes solid of knitting time. I almost always knit on my way home too.
Being 29, and therefore not fitting into the ‘only old people knit’ stereotype, I am glanced at often. On the rare occasion, someone has spoken to me about my knitting, it’s been relatively short and sweet.

A few months ago, I saw someone fiddling with their hands, saw a thin cable, and got very excited. I thought “A fellow knitter!! What should I say?” only for them to put their earphones in their ears, having finished detangling them.

Return to today. It’s raining, and I’m a bit fed up. The train was pretty busy, and I’d had to run to catch it. Then, between two seats, I see hands. Knitting.
There was no one between myself and the end of the carriage at this point. So this was my opportunity to walk down the carriage, and maybe speak to my fellow commuting knitter.
Except I didn’t. I froze. A open and shut case of situational introversion.
If you asked my friends, they would say I’m an extrovert. If you asked my colleagues, they’d put me closer to introvert. I can talk, and socialise well. But certain things swing me totally the other way.
Forced small talk is definitely my kryptonite. It results in my brain melting and forming a word puddle on the floor.
Meeting up with my local knitting group is also one of them. I haven’t been to the last two meet ups. Because I want to go, but I don’t want to go. It just terrifies me.

Stupid brain..

#WIPWednesday and a new cast-on method

It’s WIP Wednesday! and this month is of course, all about Christmas presents.

Last year was manic, and I was knitting gifts right up till Christmas eve. It took the pleasure out of knitting, so I’m not planning to do that again. Which instantly instils the label upon myself of.. the selfish knitter. Who is more knitworthy? Who would appreciate it the most?

Today’s feature is:
Pattern: the Purl Soho Classic Cuffed hat
Yarn: Cascade 220 in ‘Bright Red’.
Project link:

I tried a new cast-on method with this, as I find the tubular cast-on to be chaotic. No one wants to feel stressed when they’re casting on a project!
I used Jeny’s Stretchy Bind On – A youtube video on this cast-on method can be found here: Jenys Stretchy Bind On

It took a few rewinds of the video to get the full idea of what was going on, but once I picked it up, it was easy enough.
Having now gotten quite far through this project, I can tell you that this cast on method is perfect for ribbed, stretchy hats 😀

It’s almost finished, another inch maybe before I start decreasing. This hat is for my grandmother for Christmas. I am considering a bobble for this hat, but I’m torn between buying one pre-made, making one myself, or, buying a furry one online.
What do you think?